17. Lesbian. Canadian. Single. Soccer lover. Book worm. Car lover. Music is my hero.
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Things I want from Marvel:

1) Black Widow movie
2) Hawkeye movie
3) Appearances in each others movies
4) Budapest
5) Natasha’s beginning as a spy
6) Clint finding her
7) Clint deciding not to kill her
8) Clint’s first mission with a newly reformed Natasha
9) Clint’s beginning as a spy
10) How SHIELD trained them
11) Basically anything that has to do with Clintasha for reasons


-_- nice pun and who is this??

2:What’s your dream pet? (Real or not)
Red fox

3:Do you have a favorite clothing style?
Not really

5:What three things/people do you think of most each day:
Moving, Travling, Phoenix Arn-Horn~shes so fucking adorable

7.kinda need you to select something for me to give my opinion on

11:What’s your sexuality?

13:Are you a cat or dog person?
I love both

17:If you had to change your name, what would you change it to?
I wouldn’t really care what it is, I already respond to random names people call me…not sure why I do though :P

19:Do you believe in ghosts/spirits?
For sure

23:Would you rather be nocturnal or diurnal [opposite of nocturnal]?
I am nocturnal which is actually kinda shitty

29:Do you believe in reincarnation?

31:Do you get scared easily?

37:What is your eye color?
Dark brown

41:Who is someone you would like to see/visit right now?
Theres two people…My ‘brother’ and my friend Dana

43:Any piercings you want?
Hmm maybe a spider bite

47:What is a sound you really hate?
My mothers voice and the vacuum

53:How are you feeling right now?

59:What three words describe you the most?
Clumsy, odd, and lazy

61:What makes you unfollow a blog?
Lack of activity, and posting anime

67:Favorite meme:
Don’t have one

71:What outfit out of all your clothes do you like to wear the most?
Summer- Soccer shorts, tank tops, snapback
Winter- Skinny jeans, button down, faux leather jacket, stylish combat boots, toque/beanie

73:Do you have platform shoes?

79:Something you wish didn’t exist:

83:Favorite person to talk to:
Sami and Dana

89:What are your birthstones?

97:How long can you hold your breath for?
No fucking idea

101:Favorite type of shoes
Skates and Chucks

103:Are you a vegetarian or vegan? If so, why?
Vegitarian, cause meat makes me sick and my body no longer relies on meat for protin and iron

107:Do you like spiders?
Hell fucking no I’m terrified of those little fuckers

109:Can you draw:
I don’t think so..I’ll doddle thats about it though

113:Do you like the sound of waves at the beach?
Yes it calms me so much

127:Something you love about Tumblr:
Good way to pass time, and band blogs they are great for finding new bands

131:What is something you love but also hate about yourself?

137:Do you believe in karma?
Oh for sure

139:What nicknames do you have/have had?
Shorty, Little one, Short fuck, Dee, Papa Smurf, Little Lakey

149:Favorite thing about your personality:
I guess the fact that I’m cheerful even though people tend to treat me like crap all the time

151:If you could go back into time and live in one era, which would you choose?
I have now idea. The past is so fucked up I’d rather just stay in the present

157:Something that makes you nervous/anxious:
Talking/being in front of a large group of people and knowing their eyes are on me

163:Last time you cried and why:
Tuesday night, another emtionally break down…

167:Do you really care how the universe and world was created?
Not really