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Some eaiser variations of push ups to help you build the strength to do a traditional one!

I don’t generally reblog ‘fitness’ stuff but gaddamn could I use some more arm strength.

Push-ups are my worst nightmare. I can only do 44 before I pass out on the floor.

"I can only do 44" hahaha omg I can’t even do one.

yes good

I was always frustrated how my P.E. teachers wanted all of us to go “all-or-none” and basically hurt ourselves without letting us build up from square-one like in the first gif.  Then they’d fuckin yell at us for not doing it right >:|

Knee-pushups is not square-one.

When I got my first personal trainer, she had me doing push ups almost standing upright in the weight lifting bars so that I could do 15 reps and 3 sets of them. It’s more about the technique of the push up, and if you’re pushing too much weight, you can’t exersize the correct muscles within their tolerances. This post is pretty important tto know cause of that.

I need dis.